Hungry Bears and Garage Doors: Keep Your Home Safe with Some Simple Tips

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Ever heard of a bear craving a late-night snack? It sounds like something out of a cartoon, but it recently happened in Port Moody, BC! A curious and very hungry bear broke into a garage, causing quite a ruckus while searching for food.

This wild tale, as reported by Global News, is a great reminder of why it’s so important to keep our garages secure and our garbage out of reach of wildlife.

Here at Garage Door Pros, we’re all about making sure your garage is bear-proof (and secure from other nuisances too). Let’s explore some fun and practical ways to protect your home.

The Bear Essentials: Why Garbage and Garages Don’t Mix

Imagine this: you’re enjoying a quiet evening, and suddenly, you hear a crash from your garage. No, it’s not a burglar—it’s a bear looking for leftovers! Bears have an amazing sense of smell, and if you store garbage in your garage, you’re basically sending out a dinner invitation.

So, what can you do to avoid hosting an unwanted bear buffet?

  • Keep Bins Outside: The easiest solution? Store your garbage bins outside! Use sturdy, wildlife-resistant containers and make sure they’re tightly sealed. This not only keeps bears at bay but also keeps your garage smelling fresh and clean.
  • Regular Clean-Ups: Regularly clean your garage to get rid of any lingering food smells. Plus, keeping things tidy helps you spot and fix any potential entry points for curious critters.

Reinforce Your Fort with Tough Garage Doors

Keeping your bins outside is step one, but what about fortifying your garage itself? Modern garage doors come in a variety of materials, each offering different levels of durability and protection. Let’s break down the best options for keeping your garage bear-proof and beautiful.

Metal Garage Doors: These are like the superhero of garage doors. Here’s why:

  • Super Strength: Metal doors are tough and can handle a bear trying to break in for a midnight snack.
  • Security: They offer excellent protection against both wildlife and potential human intruders.
  • Easy Maintenance: Metal doors don’t warp, crack, or need much upkeep. Just a quick wipe down and you’re good to go!

Reinforced Garage Doors: Love the look of wooden doors but need extra strength? You’re in luck! Many modern wooden or composite doors can be reinforced with internal steel layers or braces. You get the best of both worlds—style and security.

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Fun and Simple Tips for a Bear-Proof Garage

Beyond choosing the right door, here are some extra tips to keep your garage secure and wildlife-free:

  • Motion Sensor Lights: Bright lights can scare away nocturnal animals, including bears. Plus, they add a layer of security for you too!
  • Bear-Resistant Products: Invest in bear-resistant trash cans and storage units for any outdoor garbage. They’re designed to be tough and bear-proof.
  • Secure Windows and Vents: Make sure all windows, vents, and other potential entry points are securely fastened. Bears are surprisingly agile and can find their way in through small openings.
  • Community Effort: Talk to your neighbors about bear-proofing. The more people who take precautions, the safer the whole neighborhood will be.

Ready to Fortify Your Garage? Call Garage Door Pros!

Protecting your garage and home from wildlife can be easy and even fun with the right approach. At Garage Door Pros, we’re your go-to experts for all things garage doors in the Lower Mainland of BC. Whether you need a sturdy metal door to keep out bears or a stylish reinforced door that adds curb appeal, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t wait for a hungry bear to come knocking! Contact Garage Door Pros today for a consultation. Let us help you choose the perfect solution to keep your home safe, secure, and bear-free.

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